It’s key to be able to create a memorable experience for customers and not just organize another event. But we all know that it’s easier said than done.
Nathalie Magniez's illustration of the key elements of a memorable event

As I’m just back from Jive World 2017 in Las Vegas, I’d like to share with you how I have seen Jive’s team create a brand experience around their theme for this year: Powering Human Connection.

For those of you who are not familiar with Jive, it is the leading platform for internal or external communities. Jive World is Jive’s annual event for their existing and prospects customers, as well as partners and I was invited as a customer to speak in the Driving engagement session: (LINK) Engaging employees for external community success .

What made Jive World 2017 a memorable experience?

A carefully chosen theme, “Powering Human Connection” (PHC) which is:

  • clearly linked to the brand and its products, i.e. in this case internal and external community software
  • embedded in the event content and structure.

A good understanding of their customers:

  • the content is actionable and relate immediately to customers needs generating many questions and follow up discussion at the end of each session (PHC)
  • Each lunch table had a visible card with a topic linked to community (support, training, …) making it easy to choose a table and start talking with people around the same center of interest (PHC)

An experience that connects emotionally:

  • One of the first speaker was Decher Keltner, Professor of Psychology and Author, who talked about the power of collaboration and connection (PHC), and about the work he has done for the animated movie about emotions “Inside Out”.Dacher Keltner speech at JiveWorld17(PHC)
  • Choir!Choir!Choir! which made the full room of attendees sing Hallelujah(PHC) Choir!Choir!Choir! at JiveWorld17
  • Closing speech by Mark Kelly, astronaut (if you watch only one video, grab a seat and watch this one Mark Kelly speech at JiveWorld17(PHC)

All Jive speakers spoke human and almost always talked more about customers than about Jive directly.

Jive empowered Jive’s employees i.e. Jivers.

Yes, I discovered that Jive employees called themselves Jivers which is in itself very interesting but this is not today’s topic. But furthermore, all sessions, all activities were prepared and driven by Jivers. They were all clearly identifiable, deeply involved and supportive.

They embraced the fun factor:

  • The opening, a parody of La La Land i.e. “Jive Land” played and sung by Sean Winter and Joe Levy. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any video but this was great!
  • A Lego Hackhaton to showcase the power of integration of the platform (yes, and it works)
  • Gamification through a mobile app and then through a real game

I only covered a few things that happened at Jive World. There were many others that were also memorable, and the sum of them also add to the diversity of experiences making sure everyone brought home something unique and personal.

Great experiences are memorable, special, and make us want to return for more.

[quote author=”Seth Godin”]The best time to study for the test… is before it’s given. The best time to campaign is before the election. And the best time to keep a customer is before he leaves.[/quote]

There are many ways to make an event memorable. It’s key because it’s not about the event, it’s about building a link with customers.

PS: check the search result of #jiveworld17 on Twitter to see the mix of pictures shared: