50 Coffees Project

As part of my 2017 resolutions, I decided to relaunch my blog.

From scratch. Rethink and rebuild everything.

How did this idea get rolling?

During my research phase, I stumbled upon the 50 coffees website, read the article mentioned on INC.com titled “How 50 Cups of Coffee Can Change Your Life.”
The thesis of the article is that people should sit down with 50 people to gather a variety of perspectives and relevant advice.
“Setting the goal of having coffee with 50 people forces you to be clear about your goals. Making the goal public, one person at a time, also makes it much stronger. You’ll also get input from smart and interesting people.”


To refresh my view of what was the digital/marketing world today, I will take coffee/have lunch/skype (whatever is more adapted) with 50 marketing people that I know (or not) this year.
Goals: get out of my office, meet other professionals at least once per week, invite professionals I don’t necessarily know, rethink my job, the way I do it, and share the experience.

Why share it?

First it forces me to ask real questions to myself and to the people I meet.
Second, once public, I have to do it. It makes me accountable. I can not stop at the 5th coffees and nobody will know. I’m sure some of my friends will keep me going there… (no name but I could bet).
Third, hopefully, it will be interesting not only for me.
I’m always looking for some information online that I can not really find: how are others organised? Where are they struggling? How did they solve this and that? etc… There are plenty of articles like “10 things you should do now to improve your SEO, etc…” which is great but very few about the bigger picture.
So, this year, I’m on a mission to boost Digital Quotient by sharing ideas, asking questions and making us think about Digital today and tomorrow. This is a personal project and the ideas and opinion here are mine.

Get ready to meet my friends, colleagues and who knows who I’ll meet this year. Maybe their words of advice will spark something in you, too.