Marketers vs Marketeers

marketeerThis is the chasm of the new marketing.

Marketers used to be in charge of talking, of pushing the message to customers. Ads, flyers, mailing, billboards, trade shows, press releases are talking.

Now, of course, people can’t be easily forced to listen in a world with (too) many messages. Not only it doesn’t work anymore, but it is also absolutely wasteful.

Marketeers are all about customer relationships not megaphone blast. They focus on connection and conversation.

Marketeers are the Musketeers of Marketing and their King is The Customer.

Marketeers listen and speak instead of just pushing their messages out. They know they don’t own customers but customers moments. They made “created with love” experiences. They speak the truth.

What do you want to be, a Marketer or a Marketeer?

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